Microsoft Excel Video Training

Below is the sample of  video training lesson. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

The video below explains the process of opening an Excel file including the use of File Explorer to navigate and open the file. 

The next video explains the underlying concepts of creating formulas. We then open an Excel file and create formulas. Emphasis while saving the file with Excel, the extension of .xlsx is always added to the filename. We implement formulas in columns I, J, and K. We talk about relative references when performing the AutoFill feature.

In cell I4, we create a formula: = E4*F4

We AutoFill the formula to row 13.  AutoFill is a must know skill in Excel. We then implement 

The transcript was edited and uploaded for this video in YouTube. For his video you will need to modify the YouTube Settings: In the bottom corner of the YouTube screen you will see a button called CC, click it to see the transcript.