Taking Computer Education to the Next Level! 

How ready are you today for the efficient use of computers? We wish to help facilitate preparedness to computer users, so that all can be ready to use more powerful computer applications in the future. We are excited to collaborate with the whole world in enhancing the knowledge and skills for using computers efficiently and maintaining yourself up-to -date in the constantly changing programs.

We really wish to earn the confidence of the businesses and individuals of the Portland, Oregon metro areas and be a resource for your computing learning needs. We will be providing samples of our Video Courses. These will consist of a textbook, files that will be used during the courses, and full explanation of integrating theory and hand-on skills.

Signup for the Free Mini-Course on Computer File Management

This mini-course will cover the theory on how to efficiently find files in your computer. It will also include various tasks and tips on working with your files, naming, renaming, moving, and deleting. This course can be started after July 1, 2019. This mini-course is fully self-paced. It will require that you have a Windows 10-based computer. The mini-course will contain Video Lessons and the theory for you to apply to the lessons. 

This mini-course will be a great pre-training for a full online course I will make available August 2019. The course is called: Applying File Management Techniques to Manage and Save Digital Photos.

The follow-on course will be Using Microsoft PowerPoint to Create Movies and Photos Slide Shows.

These full courses will have a duration of one month each and will have a registration fee. These course WILL INCLUDE THE THEORY, and FULL VIDEOS LESSONS, which you can review at anytime in the future.


What does it really take to develop your knowledge and skills using computers? 

We wish to focus in effective computer learning. That was the main topic we addressed while I worked in my Online Teaching Masters Level Certificate. 

Be aware that there is NO EASY WAY TO LEARN TECHNOLOGY. It takes learning the fundamental concepts of the technology, apply the concepts, and lots of practice. Also, it is important to understand that you just cannot learn technology by just watching a video. The video needs to be accompanied with examples files that you can edit to practice the skill. Then any video you see can add to your practice, but practice of the technology is the secret to learning.

  1. Clear theory and clear layout: You will need a textbook that CONTAINS A CLEAR LAYOUT and CLEAR THEORY. 
  2. Clear learning plan and clear examples: The textbook should be a “wholistic” approach to the learning process. The textbook should contain learning modules to build the knowledge, module by module. 
  3. Clear examples: Clear examples of how to apply the theory and how to perform the task, so you can reproduce the correct results. These examples include datafiles that are used and edited to accomplish the new task.
  4. Recorded Video Lesson: she Audio visual recording are extremely beneficial when YOU ALSO have the accompanying datafiles and the textbook to outline the steps to accomplish the task. Hence, you cannot efficiently learn technology by just watching a video, you really need a textbook, datafiles, and clearly explained examples.

You are investing time, but if you do not have all the materials to build the knowledge, you really are not efficiently learning. 

At TechRight Computing and Training LLC, we want to partner with you and your organization to make the using of computers really effective.

At TechRight Computing and Training LLC we are also available to provide one-on-one coaching or group training at a fair and affordable cost. The focus will be to support the most fundamental levels of skills and guide these to a more advanced level.

We plan is to develop a book for Introductory Skills for Microsoft Excel, followed by Intermediate Skills for Microsoft Excel, and an Advanced Skills for Microsoft Excel. The book will be accompanied with completely recorded video lessons. The combination of textbook and video lessons makes it possible to really learn the skills efficiently. You will practice and apply the theory into you spreadsheet file. This plan and setup will make the design of the package and the cost to you feasible.

The instructor of the courses is Francisco L, Gonzalez, who has been a computer instructor at PCC (Portland Community College) from 2011 to 2019, and has been in the computer field launching the worldwide Personal Computer era during 1980 to 2002. 

We are concentrating our local efforts to the Portland, Oregon area. We wish to partner with you in the knowledge and skill development of you and you business operation.

We would like to meet individuals and businesses in the Portland, Oregon area and see how we can enhance your computing skills. Learn skills of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Develop your computer skills. Call for a free 1 and 1/2 computer training and evaluation of computer needs.

In the near future, we will be launching online courses on the topics of Microsoft Excel Level 1, Excel Level 2, and Excel Level 3, and additional courses of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Let us know if you are interested in these.

We can develop a plan to provide training on the skills of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Scroll below for a free training video!

We offer an affordable per hour rate for one-on-one training or group training at your office. 

Scroll below to see a set of training videos so you and the company can get a glimpse of the training process we provide!

Send us your question about your training needs using the form below:

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Stay tuned for the launching of our Office Applications Institute by TechRight-Computing.com

Mission Statement

Our mission is to  provide technical training to individuals and businesses on the knowledge and skills for computer programs, such as Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

To promote the learning of computer literacy, enhance the ability of users to use of computer programs, and enhance the productivity of the employee and business. 

Technical Training for PC Usersonsite training

 Technical training is provided to computer users in the Portland area, including the cities of Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Banks, Forest Grove, Cornelius, and North Plains.

The training goal is to develop an understanding of the computer programs and to show how to use the programs efficiently. The training can be customized to customer’s need. Contact us at for more information to see how we can serve you. Feel free to send your request to me at my email: franciscolgonzalez@techright-computing.com

List of training programs we provide

Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, and 10.
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® PowerPoint
Microsoft® Access  

Key Training Goals:

Learn solid fundamentals of how a computer is used and new skills

* We provides substantial hands-on experience while learning to perform complex computer skills.

* Our courses enhance the skills of computer users on how to use computer application efficiently.

* We are looking forward to meet with business owners, managers, and human resource managers to help them get a training program for their staff and employees.