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This is a Resource Site primarily for Computer Literacy and Medical Interpreting!


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The purpose of the TechRight Computing and Training website site is site to share resources for Computer Literacy and Medical Interpreting. It is the privilege of the webmaster of this site, Francisco L. Gonzalez , share and give give back to society and this world of the knowledge acquired and being acquired. Francisco has devoted to Computer Technology for more than 35 years and is currently transitioned to serve this society as a Medical Interpreter.

Francisco also completed his Bachelor of Science at Eastern Oregon University and Graduate Certificate on Online Teaching.

These resources are FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The reader of this site is responsible for his/her learning process.

The learning process is a combined discipline of:

  • Learning the theory by reading, hearing, and analyzing the concepts.
  • Applying the theory to real and resolving situations or improving processes. 
  • Without motivation, the brain DOES NOT LEARN ANYTHING.
  • When you are learning, it is best if you enjoy and consider the learning process AS FUN.  
  • Applying focus to what you are learning, avoid all interruption, and as humanly possible, removing the obstacles that distract the learning of new concepts and skills.
To enhance your Computer Literacy knowledge, click the Computer Learning Resources link. 
To enhance your Medical Interpreter knowledge, click the Medical Interpreter Resources link.

We do not provide Medical Interpreter training. We do provide links for these learning resources.

If you plan to become a Medical Interpreter, you need formal training. You can contact your local Medical Interpreting Training organizations that provide formal courses to become a Certified Medical Interpreter. Do a Google search on Medical Interpreter Training organizations in your state.

Below is a brief history of Instructor Francisco L. Gonzalez. We wish to contribute to your solid foundation in computer literacy and computer security.