Computer Learning Resources

This page is our portal to very useful learning links. Being a technical trainer for many years, since the 1980 and still providing computer teaching, I have come across many useful resources.

We wish to share resources that will help in the learning process of computer literacy and computer security for PC users.

GCF LearnFree

GCF LearnFree:   –    English Text 

GCF LearnFree:   –    Spanish Text 

GCF LearnFree:   –    Portuguese Text 

GCF LearnFree is a free and practical way to set your journey on learning computer literacy and computer security for PC users. This site is now managed and supported by Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.  All you have to do is signup with them.

You may also check around in your community and employment departments to see what similar classes/course they provide. At these centers, you may have some basic classes offered. The online links above can take you deeper on the learning computer literacy and computer security for PC users. If you want deeper or more in-depth learning, you can check community colleges or universities. 

TechRight Computing and Training LLC will be dedicated to promoting computer security for PC users and providing web design services. 

Training Presentations

In the Training Presentations page: In this page we various training materials for basic computer literacy. 

Advanced Internet Security Resources

In the Advanced Internet Security Resources page: in this page we provide very helpful resources on advanced computer security. 

The Core Rules of Netiquette

This is an excellent complilation of Core Rules of Netiquette written by Virginia Shea.