Developing Memory Skills

LearningWe studied the Cardovascular System in the third week of the Medical Interpreting course. 

Below you will find useful resources that should help in the understanding of the concepts related to the systems being studied. It is my way of sharing resources that you may fin useful to complement the preparation for Medical Interpreter work.

It is highly recommended to take the required training of your state in order to become a Qualified of Certified Medical Interpreter. This is a serious line of work, as we interpret health information between the medical professional and the limited English speaking patient and/or patient’s family member. This information interchange happens at the medical appointment.

Remember that the Medical Interpreter only relays the information from the medical professional and does not provides his/her own perspective of the medical isssue. It is highly recommendable to learn as much as you can about the human body and sicknesses, so that when these are explained by the medical prof0essional, you can relate to these terms. This can avoid being surprised or challenged by the information being provided by the medical prof0essional.

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