So, who really cares about the Internet effect on our youth and children?

This is a call to all to become an advocate of the youth and children and get involved in ensuring our youth and children are using the BEST of the Internet, and NOT THE WORST OF THE INTERNET. 

Today’s Internet world has become a virtual environment, similar to world where there are gardens of good information, and jungles full of danger. There is a total misunderstanding in regards to what a FRIEND is. I wish I good say that all the world was my friend, but the reality is that there are many cyberbullies, hackers, child and youth predators, viruses, scams, and identity theft.

As adults and parents, do we care for the future generation? Well, we must even start from learning ourselves of how to avoid danger on the web.

If we don’t know the dangers in the Internet, how can we help the youth and children?

Make a point to learn how the Internet can be dangerous, so you can help guard youth and children from very great dangers.

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