Plant the Seed of Love for Learning in Children

As we grow, we are taken to school by our parents. At so young age, we don’t even understand why we it is a good thing to go to school. I would suggest that prior to starting the schooling years, parent would do a good advice to explain that learning is important in order to discover the things you want to do in the future.

How challenging it is to set the goal in the youngsters that this period of life is for their benefit. Motivation for such learning process is vital. Children need to get the mental seed that school and learning is good for them.

The following statement is a fundamental message of this web site and a key for learning motivation. Parents will do a good thing if they inspire the child to have love for learning, and that this learning will help them in the future. This statement will should also be echoed by the teachers to further inspire the children to learn.

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