Our Mission

Our Mission

  1. Provide technical training to individuals and businesses on the knowledge and skills for computer programs like Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. 
  2. Engage with business owners and human resources in implementing computer training programs for business owners and employees.
  3. Promote the learning of computer literacy, enhance the ability of users to use of computer programs, and enhance the productivity of the employee and business. 

Our Goals

  1. To collaborate with the Portland, Oregon area and the global community in enhancing the knowledge and skills for using computers efficiently and provide up-to-date knowledge for constantly changing programs.
  2. We wish to earn the confidence of the businesses and individuals of the local and global communities.
  3. We provide Full-Curriculum Courses. These courses will consist of a textbook, files that will be used during the course, and full explanation of integrating theory and hand-on skills.
  4. To provide teaching in one-on-one or in group sessions. We wish to collaborate in the increase of computer skills and knowledge. Please leave your feedback in the form below or at my email, to see how we can collaborate. Thank you!

Special Projects and Developing Excel Spreadsheets

We are available for special projects designing Excel spreadsheets and training users of how to uses these spreadsheets.

  • Creating new spreadsheets for a business
  • Updating spreadsheets for a business
  • Coaching new users that are working with spreadsheets