Computer Literacy and Learning Concept Posts

LearningAs part of our goal to share links and resources of free courses for enhancing computer knowledge, here is an excellent resource.

It is important to realize that to learn online requires a greater amount of personal motivation.

Online personal development class do have a caveat. You need to REALLY BE INTERESTED IN LEARNING. There is nobody that will be reminding you that a test is coming, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TEST.

So, if you are not determined in putting your daily efforts in learning, there is a possibility that you may not complete the readings and practice the skills.

When you are taking a credit class (those that you are required to take a test) you HAVE TO STUDY, DO THE ASSIGNMENTS, TAKE THE TEST AND GET A GOOD GRADE TO PASS THE CLASS. When you are simply studying with no test, then it is your determination that will take you to really learn the new skills. Other than that, here is a GREAT RESOURCE FOR LEARNING. It is call GCF LearnFree!

Below you will find the web links for GCF LearnFree. They have computer learning resources in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese!

GCF LearnFree

GCF LearnFree:   –    English Text 

GCF LearnFree:   –    Spanish Text 

GCF LearnFree:   –    Portuguese Text 

GCF LearnFree is a free and practical way to set your journey on learning computer literacy and computer security for PC users. This site is now managed and supported by Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc.  All you have to do is signup with them.

You may also check around in your community and employment departments to see what similar classes/course they provide.

If you want deeper or more in-depth learning, you can check community colleges or universities.